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Edge of the Empire Star Wars RPG Dice Set - EotE - Roleplaying Games -

Edge of the Empire Star Wars RPG Dice Set - EotE - Roleplaying Games -

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Experience the thrill of rolling the dice in a galaxy far, far away!
I love this game and have played in a campaign for about 2 years, but got tired of being restricted to online dice rolling simulators and found the original dice to be both expensive and elusive. There's something special about the tactile experience of holding the dice and letting them fly across the table as you anticipate the outcome of your roll.

Not only does rolling the dice in person enhance the immersion and excitement of your tabletop gaming experience, but it also allows for moments of spontaneity and surprise that simply can't be replicated with online dice rolling software.

The 3d FDM printed option differs from the originals in their production method. These dice are slightly lighter than the original and the process of fused deposition leaves some layer lines visible upon close inspection. As we mixed these with original dice, I happily found that my players did not prefer one to the other. And after many inquiries by third parties, I decided to offer these as a standard item in my shop because we should all get to play the game the way we want to!

Each pack contains
- 3 Ability Dice (Green)
- 3 Difficulty Dice (Purple)
- 2 Proficiency Dice (Yellow)
- 2 Challenge Dice (Red)
- 2 Setback Dice (Black)
- 2 Boost Dice (Blue)
- 2 Force Dice (White)

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or custom orders!

Materials: pla
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