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MTG Cooler Deck box for EDH/Commander | Magic the Gathering | Dice Box

MTG Cooler Deck box for EDH/Commander | Magic the Gathering | Dice Box

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Let everyone at the table know that you've got the coolest deck in town. Baffle them as you roll your new deck box across the table before unleashing devastation on their life totals!

This deck box is fully 3d printed and opens and closes with a durable and satisfying latch that is guaranteed to keep your deck safe and enclosed in its new home. The latch is easy to open and close, but will not come loose when dropped and keeps the box closed and secure. The dice tray holds a multitude of dice and snaps snugly in the box with a set of magnets to prevent accidental dice spillage. The handle is moves up and down and the wheels spin and are fully functional

Inside dimensions are approx. 94x67x67 mm and is designed to fit a single EDH/Commander deck, single or double sleeved. This dimensions is designed to fit standard sized sleeves such as Ultra Pro Eclipse Sleeves as well as brands that run slightly larger such as Dragon Shields.

Please send me a message if you have any questions/color requests (e.g. replacing the white with another color)!

Materials: PLA
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